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It is crucial you do not personalize. So don’t get Self-conscious. Don’t defend yourself or attack your audience. Just remember: It happens! Your competence is developed in identifying or recognizing it before most of your audience. As soon as you notice people (anyone) talking to each other (called “cross-conversing), look at them directly and ask if they have a question. That strategy generally brings them back and signals to your audience that they too will be centered out for such interruptions. You may not be boring, they may just be bored. However, there is every reason to expect that the rest of your audience is trying to hear what you have to say.

Someone yawning? A simple, “Stay with me” delivered with levity brings people back. The benefit of humor, cute anecdotes, a sharp quote or a proverb catches audience attention and generally brings them back to you.  Frank questions such as, “Can you hear me” means not just verbally but contextually. In other words, “are you getting this?”  If you don’t see a lot of affirmative responses don’t be afraid to throw out the question, “What am I missing” or, “what do you need?”  If you have done your homework and know your topic the audience will love knowing they can trust you. Asking the above questions identifies your self-confidence and can put you on track. Be sure to use humor in gathering in your audience. It dissolves the tension and welcomes everyone back into the presentation. If you hear your own voice coming back at you, see heads lolling, eyes rolling, people getting up to do the washroom thing, or constant shifting in seats – STOP! It only takes an instant to reassess. Talk to your audience—Let them know you may be dropping a lot on them or that the topic is difficult. Then assure them you are going to pull it all together – and start. There is no point in continuing if your audience is somehow not getting it. Pretending not to notice will earn you bad press and cost you bookings. Work to pull them back by listing the strategies listed above and don’t think about yourself until after you have finished. Your responsibility is to your audience.  Feed them.


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Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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