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Ok your having some sort of event and your thinking about hiring a guest speaker.

You don't want it to be too stuffy or business like so you decide you would like some sort of celebrity speaker.

Now what exactly is a celebrity speaker? What makes someone a celebrity?


Quick Find:


Here are a few thoughts:

  • my neighbor is in the Guinness book of records
  • a woman that lives on the next block won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics
  • my old roommate is a DJ for one of the popular radio stations in town
  • my cousin is friends with a girl that is dating the anchorman from our local TV news station
  • I once met the guy from the television show Will and Grace
  • my best friend went to school with a guy who has played in the NHL for 15 years
  • my mother is a published author
  • I partied with Kid Rock in a club in Detroit
  • and I nor anyone I know personally has ever met or even seen Harrison Ford in person

So what exactly is a celebrity

Well I guess it's all relative. To the audience that is.

I'm sure if you are from some town in the Midwest of America with a population of say 12. Then maybe the guy whose in Guinness would be a celebrity. On the other hand to impress a crowd of multi millionaires at some fancy ballroom in Manhattan you might need to bring in the ever elusive Mr. Harrison Ford.

So before you start promoting yourself as a celebrity speaker or before you try to impress your audience with a so called celebrity speaker. Just remember as every great speaker is already aware of

 Always know your audience!



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