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Ya so you are the feature speaker. Just like the video you rent from Blockbuster your presentation begins with a few words from others (like the coming attractions) and then you are introduced just like the feature presentation

The only difference is you do not have a $150 million budget with $20 million a picture movie stars or a special effect wizard that can make you forget how bad the dialogue is.  

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You are the feature speaker and you better be great because your audience is the same people that watched that $150 million dollar flick last night and they thought is was just so-so.

In today's climate of feature movies you need to really be prepared to entertain your audience.

You may be the definitive expert in your field with enough info to make your audiences head explode (even without special effects). However if your not delivering your information with the right amount of entertainment, you just might lose your audience.

Today's audiences need more visual and audio stimulation and believe it or not this does not mean 10's of thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Or at least it does not have to be.

A laptop, PowerPoint and a projector is really all you need.

PowerPoint is not all that complicated to learn or use. you can put together a project that may not win an Academy award, however it just may be enough to bring your feature presentation to life.

Most importantly don't be afraid to try it. After all you are a feature speaker and most people would rather die than get up in front of a crowd and speak.

you have conquered the fear of public speaking now cover the fear of PowerPoint.

Take the time to put together a small presentation and then have others (family, friends, co-workers) give you some feed back on what can be done to improve it. Remember Rome was not build in a day nor is a great presentation.



Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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