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Of course you want to make a living. But all in good order. Free gigs benefit you in at least 5 ways.

1 you get a lot of bookings this gives you the opportunity to get your name known.

2 you have a captive audience on whom to practice

3 free gigs are generally more casual. People are more apt to come up to speak to you after your presentation. They generally will make comments in relation to your style, info and overall performance.

These critical comments can help you to improve your image and to zero in on vital pieces of information specific to audience value.

4 free gigs create a networking system. Once your calendar is full you can consider introducing a fee that covers expenses. It's all forward from there.

A good networking system is invaluable

5 You get the opportunity to meet people who belong to organizations or businesses that are willing to pay for what you have to offer.



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Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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