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Irrespective of your subject matter, Quotations, proverbs, short biography of people relevant to your topic, clever jokes or short self-effacing stories always help bring the audience together and to you.

this site offers many of the above check out the links.

You want to grab your audience first, then start your delivery.

Look at your audience as much as possible ( the top of your head invites them to sneak away)

Move. The statue of David may hold peoples attention for awhile however you will probably need to move to keep your audiences attention.

Use technology. Upbeat music (not loud) before your presentation affects positive, relaxed attention

Overheads are still a great way to establish your point.

Comedy on a light scale enhances attention as well as a memory or the message.

Make bullet points on the order of your presentation. Distractions will have less change of creating panic in you.

Know your material well. Don't try to think of what you want to say or where you want to go next while you are delivering a point.



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Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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