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Professional speakers, business, keynote or guest speakers. There are many different terms to describe a speaker. However I do think each description is truly unique for a reason.


Guest speakers This is not just a general term for all speakers.

A guest speaker is just that "a Guest" and should be received as such. By this I mean treated as a guest.


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A guest in your home is not necessarily there to inform you or to entertain you. But to connect and share with you.

Some individuals have had some truly remarkable and unique experiences and sharing these experiences with others helps to bring the audience out of themselves and to really feel for others.

A victim of a shark attack, an amputee, or a cancer survivor may not have what it takes to drive your company sales (per say). However bringing emotion to your audience can have far reaching effects to many. And may bring emotion to a sales force that have all the sales dialog down, however are lacking the ability to bring human emotion into the sales process.

It is easier to sell a man a new pair of shoes after you have walked a mile in his.

I have spent thousands of dollars to see the greatest speakers of our time Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown just to name a few.

However one of the most impressive presentations I have ever witnessed was by David Ring. As a guest speaker at a church in Florida that a friend invited me to attend. I was so impressed with his presentation that I purchased every book and video he had, so I could reference his material not only for the obvious business reasons, but also to have his extraordinary story to review whenever I needed an emotional boost.

David Ring a man who was born with cerebral palsy describes his unrelenting desire to continue living after facing despair and tragedy after tragedy. With his cerebral palsy debilitating his ability to speak clearly, you hang on to every word he says, not just to understand what he is saying. But because his story is "The Ultimate Tale of Prevailing over Adversity"

Not a celebrity or a sports figure or business guru but a guest speaker who stirred up more emotion in me in one hour than Wayne Dyer could have done in a year. No offence Wayne I think that you are great too, and I have spent good money to see you many times and even stood in line for a half hour just to meet you.

I did wait in line for over an hour to meet David Ring.

Guest speakers do not have to be famous or the best in their field they just have to be able to tell a good story.





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