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Public speaking has many forms, in school we all at one point had to stand in front of a group of our peers and give a brief speech on any given topic.

This has become the number one fear for most people. Even death itself is still number 2 on our list of most fearful things in life. It does not have to be this way.  

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Not for any student, or even a professional that needs to make some sort of presentation to a group.

There is really only one simple thing you need, to become a great speaker.

Knowledge of your topic.

Knowledge is power. And with power you can over-come all your fears.

Public speaking is just a way of communicating your knowledge with others. It could be as simple as standing to toast someone. If you know the person or know about that person then you have some knowledge that you are sharing with others, this is a great person, this person is celebrating a special occasion, this person is being honored for their achievement.

Standing up to cheer someone is the most basic form of public speaking. And the best part of it is you get to speak in front of a crowd and you only have to say one word, "Cheers". The second best part of it is that as soon as your done your part (you've said cheers) now all the attention has shifted from you to the person you just toasted.

public NOUN: 1. The common people: common (used in plural), commonality, commonalty, commoner (used in plural), crowd, hoi polloi, mass (used in plural), mob, pleb (used in plural), plebeian (used in plural), populace, ruck 1 , third estate. See OVER . 2. Persons as an organized body: community, people, society. See SPECIFIC . 3. The body of persons who admire a public personality, especially an entertainer: audience, following. See LIKE . ADJECTIVE: 1. Belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike: common, communal, conjoint, general, joint, mutual. See GROUP . 2. Not restricted or confined to few: open, open-door, unrestricted. See OPEN . 3. Of, representing, or carried on by people at large: democratic, general, popular. See POLITICS , SPECIFIC . 4. Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people: civic, civil, national. See SPECIFIC .



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public speakers