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Regardless of where you are in your speaking profession, you are always dependent on new gigs and repeat bookings. First off, when doing a gig, look to connect with organizers. Give them your card and offer them a promotional package if you believe they are interest in more information. If they say they would like to receive one, and you are not confident they are sincere, send it along anyway. You cannot determine who will see it and how it will be received. The motive is to become visible. No one will hire you if they donít know you are out there. Let them know you will get back to them to determine if you can be of assistance or if you have what they are looking to give to their membership. Ask them to tell others they may know who are looking for presenters in your field.  Once you have presented for someone make it a point to get in touch with them. Ask them: (a) if they were satisfied with your presentation (b) what they liked best about it (c) if there was anything they did not like or would like to see added (d) if they would like to give you a recommendation, that is, if you could use their name as someone who used your services and were pleased (e) if they know of any one or organization that might benefit from, or be interested in, your services/information/expertise.  If they agree to promote you or to be used as a reference offer to send them 4 or 5 promotional packages to pass on to interested parties. With the packages, send along complimentary tickets for two to a current production or event that you know to be of interest to them. Or you can always send a gift certificate to a popular restaurant you know they enjoy (ask the secretary or assistant). If you are doing free gigs until you get better known and earn a reputation, consider the tickets a business investment that will best benefit you and invest in yourself. This is a business expense, is tax deductible and good business strategy.

Also, use short ads in professional publications that are geared to your topic.

Difficult as it may be, ask family, friends, church, team or club members, etc to help promote you.   Be specific. Ask them to pass out your name or card if they know of any opportunities for you to speak. Donít decide who is, or is not interested. You will be surprised how little you know of people you think you know. Most people just donít think of how to help others but will cooperate if a specific request is made. Be bold! Ask.

Offer gifts as incentive. That helps keep you in mind. Make up a package (small but classy) of what you present to those people who offer their support and find you gigs. Run a competition for who can get you the most gigs and award a relevant prize.  Offer a trip (even if it is a weekend package to the person who gets you the most gigs in a year. Get creative and bold. You can create an army of people who can, and will work for you. This is especially valuable until you are hooked up with an agent. Remember, there are people who want what you have to offer. They just donít know you are out there or how to find you. Help them. Get your friends to join in. Fun, legitimate incentives and demonstrated gratitude will encourage others to help you get started and to continue to support you.


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Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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