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  1. First of all, be specific about you topic. Don’t go telling people you can talk on any subject. When someone is shopping for a speaker they have a particular topic or them they want covered. You want to let them know that when it comes to “fratstats”, YOU are the authority.
  2. Clients are buying expertise. Your job is to assure them you are the expert. Stay up to date. People will come to know they can depend on you for ‘up-to-date info. Include some current info in your conversation to support your expertise. Let them know what specific topic or points you will cover in your presentation and who would most benefit. Remember, your mandate is to educate and/or motivate. Your audience must always experience some of each if you are to succeed and grow wealthy.
  3. Offer a short bio and info on your speaking career. If it is in your portfolio that is sent out, be certain it is on attractive paper, and describes your qualifications. If you have testimonies putting one or two on this one-page sheet will inform and encourage bookings.
  4. Ask people to refer you. If they do, give them a stipend or gift to encourage their support and to demonstrate your appreciation. If you don’t have one, consider an agent. (see “Hiring an Agent” this site)
  5. Make up a promotional package - brief and to the point. Include a professional photo. State your area of expertise; experience; credentials along with relevant contact information and send them to businesses or organizations that fall under the umbrella of probable interest in what you have to offer. Consider getting help in creating an attractive, informative and succinct description of your Self and your topic.
  6. Of course, the obvious is to hire an agent.


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Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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