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Hiring business speakers for your events are not easy tasks. It takes some research to find the speaker that is right for your event.


First of all you need to know your objectives. What is it that you want the speaker to do for you?

Do you need to educate your employees about customer service, a certain product or a new software system?

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Or maybe you are looking to motivate your sales force. Or to inspire you company executives to think outside the box.

Or you just might be looking to lift the moral of employees.

Whatever it is you decide you are looking for, you need to have a clear vision and goals of what you want to accomplish.

Once you have your main objective, expand your list to include a few sub topics you may also want to accomplish.

Now is the fun part, you need to find a speaker that will satisfy your needs.

As you browse our speakers bio's check to see if they have the skills to accomplish all of the goals you were looking for.

So what can a horticulturalist teach a basketball team?

You may be surprised to find that at first glance a speaker may seem totally irrelevant to your needs. However what makes a great speaker is that they know how to succeed even to a point of getting paid for their presentations. If they are that great in their field then they understand the fundamentals of success. As Napoleon Hill will attest, having that key element is what is necessary for success in whatever you do.

Also take a look at our checklist for hiring a speaker.


After you have chosen your speaker don't forget to do your own preparations for your speaker, as well as have your follow up info in place.




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