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Getting noticed is vital. However it is not enough. To succeed, you need bookings. To gain bookings and repeat bookings, you will need to talk about what topics are of interest to people today. To become, or remain a money-making public speaker – stay current.

See what books, fads, TV ads and infomercials are promoting. Then work out how you can capitalize on what is already being promoted for you. You may not want to be an advocate of “No Carb Diets”, however, you might do well creating presentations on the disadvantages of  “No Carb Diets”, such as, “Becoming Skinny and Ugly-Dispositioned Simultaneously”. It’s a current topic agree with it or offer a oppositional point of view, but recognize that the fact it is a topical issue there is an audience in place for exactly what you are presenting on the topic.

In speaking, the vital strategy is to:

  1. Stay current. Identify your advantage to your audience in your title.
  2. Know you topic. Remember, you are the ultimate authority on this subject. Prove it in your presentation.
  3. Let your topic speak as if you are talking to someone specifically. You can add situations, small asides that make your presentation specific to each person in the audience later. By choosing a good topic, you can trust that your topic attracted the people interested in what you are offering.
  4. Be animated. Let the topic inform and seduce. You want your audience to know what you are going to speak about and how it can benefit them. Wandering too far from it is the most certain way to lose your audience and your credibility. They selected you because of your topic. Entertain, educate or inform in relation to your topic and you will hold your audience. If you want to get cute or far-out, you might do better to save it for your presentation. Vague titles or topics can be costly.
  5. Refer back to your topic while speaking. Assure your audience that you and they are on track. *Remember, you must produce insights and information DIRECTLY RELATED to your topic. Your reputation expands beneficially when you deliver what you offer.


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Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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