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 Expert-A person with knowledge beyond that of educated laypersons on some specialized subject. Experts make especially credible sources for information, as long as (1) the area of their expertise is relevant to the issue at hand,  and (2) we have no reason to suspect their bias. One becomes qualified as an expert by means of education (not necessarily obtained in a school), experience, accomplishments, reputation, and position.

   If you are a good speaker, that's great. but you know you cannot survive on charm, humor and wit alone.

   It is imperative, as a speaker, that you thoroughly research your topic and keep up to date on any new information or changes that can benefit your audience.

   People are busy.

   Those who attend seminars or workshops are looking for new info that will benefit them now. No one is interested in old news. Always aim at providing key statements that inform and empower your audience.

   When your information is current and offered constructively it sets you apart from the rest, and lends credibility to your title of expert. This will make for return engagements, a great reputation and positive publicity in your circle.




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Hey Speakers Promote yourself Now


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