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wedding crashers quotes

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Jeremy Grey: Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye.


Jeremy Grey: John, red seven!

John Beckwith: I don't know what red seven means.

Jeremy Grey: Hot route!

John Beckwith: I don't... What's hot route?

John Beckwith: Will you just go and stand on the other side, please?


John Beckwith: Don't waste your time on girls with hats. They're all very prim and proper.
 Jeremy Klein: Yeah? Well, little miss prim and proper just eye-fucked the shit out of me.

John Beckwith: What are you going to do for an encore? Walk on water?



John Beckwith: You look beat. Soft mattress?

Jeremy Klein: Soft mattress? Maybe, or it could have been the midnight rape, or the nude gay art show. I had my sock, the one that I walked around in all day, played football, sweated in, stuffed in my mouth and duct taped in! I'm going to eat my breakfast over here. Don't talk to me.


John Beckwith: What are you doing? It's a game of touch football, every time I look over you're on your ass again.


Jeremy Grey: Does anyone know what this here is used for?
Little Boy: Rollin' a fatty?
Jeremy Grey: No... Not for... Where'd you learn that?


Todd Cleary: We had a moment at the dinner table didn't we?
Jeremy Grey: No! No! We did not have a moment at the dinner table, Todd!


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