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"Ah, you're crazy."
"Am I? Or am I so sane that you just blew your mind?!"
"It's impossible!"
"Is it? Or is it so possible that your head is spinning like a top?!"
"It can't be."
"Can it? Or is your entire world just crashing down all around you?"
"Alright, that's enough."

Jerry and Kramer


"Is it me, or was that the ugliest baby you have ever seen?"
"I couldn't look. It was like a Pekinese."
"Boy, a little too much chlorine in that gene pool."
 Jerry and Elaine


"Don't you see what Whatley is after? Total joke-telling immunity! He's already got the big two religions covered. If he ever gets Polish citizenship, there'll be no stopping him."


Are you sure that's the decaf? Where's the orange indicator?




It's a beautiful name for a boy or a girl. Especially a girl... Or a boy.



The only difference between a date and a job interview is that in not many job interviews is there a chance you'll end up naked at the end of it.



Jerry: So go to a clinic, get your sperm county checked.
Kramer: Yeah, but then I'd have to - you know - into a cup in the middle of the day!
Elaine: Does that conflict with your regular schedule?


Women go after doctors like men go after models. They want someone with knowledge of the body, we just want the body.



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