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chuck norris quotes

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Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.


Victor LaRue: What's your name, soldier?
Buddy Rebotco: Buddy Rebotco!
Victor LaRue: Victor LaRue, your new best friend.
Buddy Rebotco: Can I have one of those guns?
Victor LaRue: You're not that good of a friend.


Rapist: Ranger, you screwed up! You forgot to read us our rights.
Ranger Cordell Walker: You're right! You have the right (kicks the rapist) to remain silent.


Lazarus: You ready to die?
Ranger Cordell Walker: Before I do, who sent you?
Lazarus: [Smirks, and then cracks neck] My boss.



 I'm glad he's in a happy mood.

Ranger Jimmy Trivette [after being beaten up by Walker]


Mexican: This is Mexico, Ranger! You've got no right!
Ranger Cordell Walker: I've got no right?
Mexican: No!
[Walker punches the Mexican]
Ranger Cordell Walker: I think that was a pretty good right.


Francis Gage: I'd like a soda, C.D...
C.D. Parker: Is your foot in a bear trap? You've been comin' here long enough. Get your own soda.


Sydney Cooke: Careful boys. Little girl with a gun.
Francis Gage: [undercover] I got another gun you can play with.
Sydney Cooke: Sorry, but I prefer something in a bigger caliber.


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