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gray's anatomy quotes

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Patient: "I was struck by lightning."
Meredith: "You mean you fell out of a tree that was hit by lightning."
Patient: "Same difference."
Miranda: "Actually, medically, it's not the same difference. And it would be helpful if, from now on, you told us the whole truth!"

So you got laid and it went badly. A man would move on. But you? You mope around like a dog that likes to get kicked. You make me sick. If it wouldn’t get me thrown out of the program, I'd smash your pathetic little face right into that locker.



Preston: [to Izzie and Alex] "Neither of you are scrubbing in. Please leave."
Alex: "Fine, I'll watch from the deck."
Preston: "No, you won't. Whatever's going on here, I don't need this negative energy anywhere near my O.R."


This is a good day to save lives. Let's have some fun.

Derek Shepherd 



I get angry when I go without sleep.

Christina Yang 


I love you, in a really, really big pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way.

Meredith Gray 


Just shut up and count backwards already.

Dr. Richard Webber 


 I'm breaking up with you because... on your very best day, that corpse... is twice the man you will ever be. You're not good enough for me, Alex. You're not good enough for anyone.


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