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sad love quotes

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Should I smile because you're my friend, or cry because that's all you'll ever be?


I wish I was a little kid again because skinned knees are easier to heal then broken hearts.


I'd like to believe that I'll wake up one morning and not miss him anymore. I'll finally understand that when he broke my heart it was for a reason, one I just don't understand yet, but when I do I'll know that he messed up and not me.


I'm scared to fall in love.
Afraid to love so fast...
because every time I fall in love
it seems to never last.



If I had never met you.
I wouldn't like you.
If I had never like
d you,
I would have never loved you.
If I had never loved you,
I'd never miss you.
But I did, I do, and I will.

When I met you...I was afraid to like you.
When I liked you...I was afraid to love you.
When I loved you...I was afraid to lose you.
And now, that I lost you...I wish I never met you.

It's amazing how someone can break you heart, but you still love them with all the little pieces.

You said love is a hell you cannot bear,
I say give me mine back,
and go there for all I care.

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