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Real philosophy seeks rather to solve than to deny.
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton 1803-1873, British Novelist, Poet

One may summon his philosophy when they are beaten in battle, not till then.

John Burroughs 1837-1921, American Naturalist, Author

All philosophies, if you ride them home, are nonsense, but some are greater nonsense than others.
Samuel Butler 1612-1680, British Poet, Satirist

Pythagoras, Locke, Socrates -- but pages might be filled up, as vainly as before, with the sad usage of all sorts of sages, who in his life-time, each was deemed a bore! The loftiest minds outrun their tardy ages.
Lord Byron 1788-1824, British Poet

Look, I really don't want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you're alive, you got to flap your arms and legs, you got to jump around a lot, you got to make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death. And therefore, as I see it, if you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy, or at least your thoughts should be noisy and colorful and lively.
Mel Brooks 1926-, American Actor, Director


Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.
Albert Camus 1913-1960, French Existential Writer

The profoundest thoughts of the philosophers have something trickle about them. A lot disappears in order for something to suddenly appear in the palm of the hand.
Elias Canetti 1905-, Austrian Novelist, Philosopher

Tell me what gives a man or woman their greatest pleasure and I'll tell you their philosophy of life.

Dale Carnegie 1888-1955, American Author, Trainer

To philosophize is only another way of being afraid and leads hardly anywhere but to cowardly make-believe.
Louis-Ferdinand Celine 1894-1961, French Author

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