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American can do better, and help is on the way.   


Between now and the time I'm sworn in January 2005, I'm going to use every day to make this president accountable for making a mockery of the words 'No Child Left Behind.'   


Governor Dean has no policy on Iraq evidently, except 'no.' 'No' is not a policy.

I am a veteran, I fought in a war. I've been a prosecutor. I've sent people to jail for the rest of their life.


George Bush's vision does not live up to the America I enlisted in the Navy to defend, the America I have fought for in the Senate, and the America that I hope to lead as president.   


I believe America's best days are ahead of us because I believe that the future belongs to freedom, not to fear.  

I have confidence in my campaign. I have assembled a great team that is going to beat George W. Bush, and any rumors to the contrary are completely erroneous.


I personally didn't see personal atrocities in the sense I saw somebody cut a head off or something like that. However, I did take part in free-fire zones, I did take part in harassment and interdiction fire, I did take part in search-and-destroy missions.  

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