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Inspiration is needed in geometry, just as much as in poetry.
Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin

While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future.
Ronald Wilson Reagan

In life you need either inspiration or desperation.
Anthony (Tony) Robbins

What the world craves today is a more spiritual and less formal religion. To the man or woman facing death, great conflict, the big problems of human life, the forms of religion are of minor concern, while the spirit of religion is a desperately needed source of inspiration, comfort and strength.
John (Jay) Davison Rockefeller, IV

To be the agent whose touch changes nature from a wild force to a work of art is inspiration of the highest order.
Bob Rodale

Not only does inspiration from the Lord compensate for want of facts; it also induces men by self-discipline, to conform in their personal conduct and in their dealings one with another to the highest standards they know. In other words, it gives men the capacity which distinguishes wisdom from knowledge.
Marion G. Romney - American religious leader


All poetic inspiration is but dream interpretation.
Hans Sachs

To live with beauty is not only to give oneself a joy, it is to have the power of beauty at one’s call. A man’s life would be in a deep and manly way purified and sweetened if each day he could gain a little of the inspiration that poets fuse into their verse and have it share his visions for that day. The wise poet was right who advised us daily to see a beautiful picture, daily to read a beautiful poem. He was right, he was practical.
Martin W. Sampson

Reverence for life….does not allow the scholar to live for his science alone, even if he is ver useful…the artist to exist only for his art, even if he gives inspiration to many…. It refuses to let the business man imagine that he fulfills all legitimate demands in the course of his business activities. It demands from all that they should sacrifice a portion of their own lives for others.
Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Marry Ann; and at the end of a week you’ll find no more inspiration in her than in a plate of muffins.
George Bernard Shaw


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