Stop making excuses…start creating incredible success today!

**Powerful tips on creating a strategy for success designed to attract and sustain abundance in every aspect of your life**

We all dream of success. It is human nature to seek after those things that add quality, pleasure and ease to our lives. We all want it, but few of us feel like we can achieve it. To justify why we are not living the life of our dreams we often create excuses. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • When do I have the time to work on my goals?
  • I am beyond any type of success
  • My life is completely different from what I wanted it to be, why bother.
  • My ________ (parent, spouse, job…) will not let me.
  • I am just too busy to add another thing to my life.
  • Where would I possibly get enough money to finance a new goal for myself?

Stop the excuses. Stop the negative thinking. Stop setting yourself up for failure.

You can become successful and live well at the same time.

(It is true!)

Most of us never learned the specific steps required to create success.

Are you familiar with the first two steps toward creating success?

  1. Choose goals that satisfy your dreams and bring you happiness.
  2. Believe in the possibility that these goals are achievable. Almost anything you dream of can become a reality.

Do these sound like unrealistic steps?

It may be because you are not allowing yourself to believe in the possibility that life is exactly what you make it. You alone create (and recreate) a life that is either great, so-so or downright awful.

Your success lies in your hands.

Blaming others for your lack of success is another excuse to avoid working towards those goals yourself. You can easily fall into this trap, especially when there is struggle in your life.

When you blame someone, you put him or her in charge of your life. This holds true whether you are successful or not. When you blame others, you hand over your personal power and the control over your destiny. That is simply not acceptable.

Why not?

Blame puts responsibility for your happiness and success in the hands of others. I you have no idea whether they are committed or not to making you happy and successful.

That is your job.

**Nothing prevents you from having everything you want out of life –except you**

Decide right now to make your dreams of success a reality.

We can teach you how.

Do not let excuses such as: bills, illness, responsibilities, age, education (or lack of), money, stamina, work, family, physical appearance, stress, depression…stand in your way.

The truth is, if you ignore your right to be successful you are ignoring your responsibility to your Self.

**You are neglecting yourself and not living the life, you were born to experience.

You only need to make two decisions in order to live a success filled life.

  1. Decide what a successful life would be for you.
  2. Decide to do what it takes to live that life.

Wanting successes in your life is a necessity, not a selfish idea. We are on this Earth to live our life with purpose and receive tremendous rewards. If your life is lacking in purpose and rewards, you are not truly living, but merely existing.

Wake up and start examining your life this minute.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look right into your own eyes and ask yourself, "Am I living my life with a purpose?

Is my life filled with positive rewards that make me truly happy?"

Be honest. Are you living the life you feel destined for or are you trying to keep up with your family, friends and neighbors? It is okay if you do not like the answer you give yourself. Use it as a springboard to make positive decisions in a new direction.

Your life can, and will, be successful on your own terms.

**You just have to rethink and relearn your success strategy**

Strategies for success reflect opportunities, responsibilities and rewards. Developing these strategies challenges us to be creative, resourceful and determined.

Live your life for your own Self.

Stop relying on others to run your life (yes, this even includes your family).

--They have enough on their plates developing their own successes--

I know the idea of living your dreams can seem overwhelming or impossible. Millions of people have felt the same way and have worked through those negative blocks. You can too. You have to be the one to make that decision.

  • Imagine the incredible life you create when you realize it is your right and responsibility to do so.
  • Imagine what a great person you are when you believe in and cooperate with the rights of others to live successfully. You allow them to live their life on their terms.

Success cannot occur until you decide to want it in your life.

Decisions + Persistence +Working on your plan = SUCCESS

Increasing success in your life creates more love, health, wealth, professional rewards and joy than you ever thought possible.

  • Take time out for yourself
  • Commit to achieving your goals
  • Create financial wealth
  • Spend more time with you family and friends
  • Jump out of bed each day excited about living
  • Acquire all the things that add quality, substance, joy and freedom to your life

Developing strategies for success will not only create

a rich, powerful, happy existence

they will also help you sustain that abundance.

We all hear of the quick wealth, opportunity and fame that happen to some people. We read about the drugs, booze, addictions that are often part of their life-styles. We see the arrogant attitude and self-destructive behavior some of these people have chosen. The affect of their instant notoriety leaves them unhappy. These people are often unprepared for over-night successes. Rarely did they plan and prepare for what would happen. They just grabbed whatever they could without thinking of the consequences.

That is not a definition of success.

  • Success is the ability to have real fun and share your toys
  • Success is knowing that envy, fear, greed and the need to control destroy opportunities
  • Success is learning techniques that help create and sustain abundance
  • Success is having a strategy that takes advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself
  • Success is learning from successful role models
  • Success is knowing you deserve everything you have
  • Success happens because of persistence and commitment to your personal dream
  • Success happens if you have high self-esteem and love for others
  • Success is setting goals that reflect your dreams and desires
  • Success is rewarding yourself often and sharing your rewards wisely

Every person must develop a strategy to achieve success.

**Once you have a strategy, it is much easier to create and maintain abundance in every aspect of your life**

Take the first step in creating a success strategy. Begin by deciding what you need in order to live a fulfilling and prosperous existence. What are you dreams and desires?

  • Travel
  • Philanthropy (charities, projects, research, etc.)
  • A family you value
  • Being valued/loved by others
  • Excellent health
  • A farm, home, vacation retreat
  • A sportscar, yacht, private jet
  • Educating your children at the university or the school of their choice
  • Buying a home for your parents
  • Respect
  • Enjoying life to its fullest
  • Ability to play and have fun
  • A career you love

Commit to creating success in your life today.

**Here are some tips to get you started**

  • Trust that you have everything required to live an extraordinary life
  • Choose goals that uplift your life and self-worth
  • Write your goals down and put them in places where you can constantly see them (on your fridge, in the bathroom, on your car’s dashboard, in your bedroom, on your computer at work…)
  • Talk to yourself like a winner = use positive self-talk
  • Make a list of your talents and read it daily
  • Expand your courage by taking risks
  • Dare to be different (extraordinary people do extraordinary things)
  • Try new experiences often, this helps to feed your courage and erase fear
  • Accept that "failures" will prevent success unless you see them as learning experiences
  • Strive for excellence in your character and life-style
  • Use your imagination, there is no limit to who you can be and how you can live.
  • Identify where your power comes from (you or others)
  • Do not depend on others to create successes in your life
  • Own complete responsibility for establishing a successful life.
  • Do not let other people determine whether you will or will not succeed by giving your power away
  • Find role models to study and read about
  • Recognize that it is okay to be wrong and correct what is wrong in your life
  • Refuse to give in to temptations that promise to destroy your mental and physical health, such as drugs and alcohol
  • Say only honest, positive and beneficial things to yourself and others
  • Refuse to be arrogant
  • Refuse to be unkind
  • Reward yourself often
  • Play

Using any of these steps will change your life.

Using all of them will literally transform you and make success inevitable

Create your strategy for success today!

Nancy McFadden, M.A., has worked for over 15 years in the motivational and self-help fields. Through her research and expertise, she has developed techniques for you to use in developing your own extraordinarily successful life. As a psychotherapist, university instructor, author and lecturer, Nancy has helped thousands achieve lives filled with love, prosperity and constant rewards.

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