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       If being happy is so easy, why isnít everyone smiling?  Be persuaded to rethink why you arenít overwhelmingly happy on a consistent basis. Not continual Ė consistent.

This speech will encourage listeners to establish new goals, and set up a project that will transform their life AND relationships.  Happiness is not something like lightening that occurs seasonally and hits without warning. It really is a project that the listener can be persuaded to try.

        Three steps to Happiness is about whole change and outrageous results.  It is not for the fearful or radically committed pessimist.

        Be assured - it is not easy to be happy. Nor is it easy to let go of the justification you carry for being unhappy. It is a choice. Believe it or not, it is not situational. Furthermore, it is not for the angry, fearful, unkind or irrational.

Happiness is a challenge. Itís easy, if you can be persuaded to let go of your pessimism. This speech sets you up to achieve the change in just three easy steps. Try it!

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