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Persuasive Speech

    Quite naturally, when it comes time to step up to the podium you want to be the focus of positive attention and uninterrupted admiration. Start with a topic that interests the listener and even the reluctant will be captured. That translates to, 'know your audience'.

    Choosing a good topic and practicing a cool and competent delivery should always be your primary goal. with a little instruction and support you can learn to deliver interesting and informative speeches time after time. Once you develop the ability to select persuasive speech topics that are most apt to interest a varied audience, and you collect significant information, that inspires you to deliver speeches in an exciting and enthusiastic manner, you will find yourself looking for opportunities to step our in front of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of listeners.

    Generally speaking, people want to know more about themselves. As obvious as this appears, speakers commonly miss this simple truth. Everyone is looking for something to enhance the quality of their life - no exceptions. A successful life style is a common goal. Speak on how to obtain it and you will be heard, enjoyed and admired bringing insight into the thoughts and ambitions of industrious and intelligent people.

    Persuasive speech topics are those that promise greater health, deeper more real love, joy, power wealth and truly satisfying relationships with friends, neighbors and even co-workers. The point is that regardless of the topic you want to make certain that the listener hears a benefit to themselves. This peaks interest and opens the listener to being more receptive to the presentation.

    Naturally, this does not include structured speeches on specific scientific, political or medical topics. Yet, dry presentations can become heard and respected when the speaker learns to include a human element which then includes the listener as part of the discussion, even though it is in the form of a logical and often didactic delivery.

    When you are choosing a topic then, it is to your advantage to select topics that hint at or openly promise joy, love and prosperity in any form. If you have done any homework in this area, you have learned that topics on financial prosperity and self-development (self-help) are continually ranked as the two top areas of interest.

    Undoubtedly then, these areas hold great appeal as great sources for presentations of persuasive speech topics. Selecting topics that are reflective of the interests of your audience will encourage interest but you must maintain it by doing your homework. Know your topic. Study your presentation and its contents so that you can speak in a competent and professional manner. To do so, helps you set the tone for receptivity and discourages harsh criticism.

    Consequently, you will increase your chances of creating a good environment for your presentation by; selecting topics that; reflect current values, thoughts and ambitions - irrespective of whether you are pro or con in your presentation. Of course arbitrary propositions may offer interest, however you may want to be selective of your topic and include your audience in the same consideration. That is, you might want to pass on an opportunity to represent your pro-choice group in an established church forum. Select topics that inform and/or educate; ones that motivate and inspire; direct your listeners toward solutions and new behaviors; promise an expanded or higher quality life-style; reflect the values and morality of your audience and most especially, whet their appetite for hearing more about what you have to offer or share.

    Be clear. Remember that clarity, brevity and facts are obviously important but secondary to what you are offering. Be clear in stating the benefits, to the listener, of what you are proposing, teaching or encouraging them to accept.

    The offers FREE speeches. Over time, we will expand this site, adding new topics for your convenience. Take the speech as is or alter it to suit your needs.

    Thus far, all are written by Nancy McFadden M.A. and offered for your convenience and entertainment. Admittedly, there is a narrow selection at this time. If we do not have what you need we have a link to a reputable site that offers a much larger selection of speeches and a wider range if interests. They have packages of speeches for sale at a reasonable price, with instant download. They do custom-made speeches for a higher fee. Give them a try is we cannot meet your need and return here periodically for our inclusions and updates.



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