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Building Integrity thru honesty. Tell the truth today.
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...never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. 2Corin. 5:16

Think about it. You cannot help growing old. (It beats the alternative doesn't it). But the magnificent truth is you can have an attitude adjustment ay time you choose. You can start fresh every single day. It's entirely your choice. What happened yesterday is not in charge of what you decide for your Self right now. If you are depressed, lonely, poor in health or in finances, you can decide in this instant to rid yourself of all the thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from loving your Self and you life. You decide. In the decision, comes hope and excitement. The desire to escape misery is a great motivator. Making a commitment to move into a place that promises a better life for you is simple yet the most significant factor in becoming happy and successful! Start a list today of what you want in your future. Your spirit will immediately change to accommodate your choices.

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The Motivational Message
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Gratitude \ (grt-td, -tyd)\n the state of being grateful: Thankfullness

How active is it in your life? It is quite easy to get bogged down in a daily litany of all you are missing and of what is wrong in your life. Let's face it negativity is the essential seed of depression and despair. Yet, the simple act of taking the effort to list what is good and beneficial in your life will not only feed your spirit it will kick start your day and inspire you to move forward with your goals, visions and dreams. Consider making a physical list of all the goodness in your life. Acknowledge the positive until it becomes your primary awareness in relation to what your life has to offer. Think there is nothing? You are reading this - you have intellect, vision, hope, access to today's technology. What about love - not just who loves you but whom you love, where you live, what you can do.  Don't selfishly take all for granted. Gratitude will set you up to recognize your blessings and move you from pessimism to optimism, from despair to hopefulness. Discipline yourself to become grateful. It will change your interpretation of opportunity, forgiveness any your belief in life and your Self.

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The Motivational Memo
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Are you looking to shed a few pounds?

Motivation is the first step. you must be motivated to act or nothing at all will happen. Get started with these great inspirational quotes. Next you must set goals (if you don't know where your going, how will you know you arrived once you get there?) learn how to set and achieve your goals now. you can get help online right now with the help of this body fat monitor/scale and nutri-counter Get a free personal health report and a free sample of this dietary supplement or speed things along with  Hydroxycut. A great site for weight loss info is

No matter what your choice for better health is I wish you great success.

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